This 3-minute video offers a glimpse behind the scenes of a session and into the heart of why we are so passionate about making your dog's personality live forever.
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Why Robyn...




Dallas pet photographer.

Mom to six giant dogs and two actual horses.

Lover of champagne and high heels.

World traveler.


Believer that all dogs go to Heaven.

Dog hair is my favorite accessory.


Want to know why I created Haute Dog? I wrote a raw and candid blog about my story, here:


The Girl Behind the Camera and

the Dog Who Changed Everything For Me

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photo of Robyn and Jake © The Artisan Hound

used with permission


Because Your Dogs Deserve Photos as Unique as They Are


I am mesmerized by the fashions and glamour of the red carpets - the attention to detail from the shape of the dress to the statement jewelry, and the maker's ability to create something extraordinary and unique to each actress - and that is precisely the level of attention and detail with which I approach photography. Each session is carefully planned behind the scenes, beginning with getting to know you and your dogs, then selecting the perfect location based on your style and vision, working with your dog as an individual to overcome nervousness or high energy, crafting each image on-location and finessing in post-production, culminating in the delivery of completely unique, made-to-order artwork.  Your dogs' photos should reflect the vibrance and spark you love most about them! My pet photography style is uniquely fashion-forward, dynamic, and just like your pet - one of a kind. Because your dog's larger than life personality should live forever.™

Because You Deserve An Experience to Remember

I am proud to offer a luxe, boutique, full-service pet photography experience to clients who love their dogs in Dallas and beyond.  From the intricate details of capturing your dog's celebrity to gifts and surprises along the way, I delight in spoiling my clients and consistently strive not just to leave you happy with your artwork, but enchanted with the entire affair.  My dogs are my world, so rest assured, I completely understand the importance of creating these happy memories together.

Because Your Memories Deserve the Best


I am a Certified Professional Photographer and an active member of the national and Dallas chapters of Professional Photographers of America. In addition to formal photography training, I have nearly two decades of experience working with dog training and behavior -from search and rescue to therapy work, obedience to confidence building -- along with a certificate in Dog Emotion & Cognition from Duke University.  I truly love working with dogs of all backgrounds to capture extraordinary photos worthy of even the most sophisticated Dallas pet parents.

Read more about some of our international awards and credentials:

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I want to make my dog live forever!