Can you get good photos of my dog if they can't be off-leash or won't stay still?

The biggest hesitation we hear is "my dog won't sit still for photos," so it's time we let you in on a little secret.  With rare exception, every dog we photograph stays on a leash for the duration of their portraits to ensure their safety and is only removed with the complete confidence of the owners.   Our pet photography sessions are conducted with an experienced handler, who assists with keeping the dogs in place.  Take a peek behind the scenes at the makings of these Dallas pet photos by hovering over the image or sliding the divider back and forth between the "before" and "after" to see the photo as we shot it and the fully retouched version!


With extensive dog training experience, we come prepared to work with a myriad of behaviors and surprise even the most adamant of owners who think their pet won't cooperate for photos. Learn more about my background working with dogs.

Can you make my black dog look good in photos, too?

Black/dark-faced dogs can be challenging to photograph with a phone. Never fear, we use lighting and editing to make every dog look their best. You can view a full page of our black dog photos in this blog post!

Can you remove my horse's halter?

Absolutely! We have specially-designed rope halters for photographing horses, or we can remove standard leather/nylon halters as needed.


I want to make my dog live forever!