Do you photograph cats/weddings/headshots/newborns...?

No. To deliver the highest quality experience and results, we photograph what we know and love. By specializing exclusively in dog and equestrian photography, we are able to draw from decades of experience working with these animals. Lighting, posing, lens choice, editing, behavior, and more are all dependent on the subject in front of the camera. When you work with Haute Dog and Five Carats, you are commissioning a team dedicated to being the best at producing phenomenal photos of your dog or horse. For all other needs, we highly recommend finding a specialist in that particular niche!

What if my dog/horse can't be off lead?

No problem! Unless we are in an enclosed area such as Fursailles - our 7-acre fenced photography property - or a controlled space at your barn, dogs and horses are kept on leads to ensure safety and assist with keeping them in front of the camera. These are later removed in Photoshop to produce the final images. See how we do it here!

Can I be in the photos with my dog/horse?

Yes! While your dog or horse is undoubtedly the star of the day, we always encourage owners to join them in some photos. These moments don't have to be staged perfectly, but a simple kiss on the forehead or scratch of the ears may become a priceless memory. We'll work to find your personal level of comfort - posed and smiling, playful lifestyle, or focused solely on the bond and less on the faces. Whether you think you want to be in front of the camera or not, we have a perfect way to document your love.

Where do you photograph?

All over the world! Our studio/home base is located in the suburbs of Dallas-Ft Worth. The setting of the shoot is an integral part of telling a story in your images. Upon booking, you'll receive our Location Guide and we'll work together to identify a meaningful spot that lends itself to creating artwork that fits the style of your home and the comfort of your dog or horse.

Do you photograph horse shows?

With approval from show personnel, we are happy to commission packages documenting competitions for individual riders. The cornerstone of the Five Carats equestrian photography experience is personalization and attention to detail. While we love them, photographing shows without advance commission does not allow us the level of high-touch service we strive to bestow upon each of our clients. We are also thrilled to incorporate jumping, dressage, reining, or photos of your specific discipline into your individual session at your home barn or other location of your choosing.