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On Sunday we drove up from San Diego to the Great Pyrenees Association of Southern California Rescue in San Bernardino to photograph all of their adoptable dogs. Good photos can help pets get adopted faster and can also attract more potential adopters, and that's exactly what I set out to do! GPASCR is an AKC-licensed breed club and affiliate of the Great Pyrenees Club of America, but has a variety of breeds available for adoption. Check out just a handful of the beautiful dogs I met, and stay tuned for more releases soon!

Great Pyrenees Dog Photographer

Sultan - 7 year old male. Recently on the euth list at San Bernardino City shelter, things are looking up for this pretty boy. Next stop? Home!

Raleigh - 3 year old male

Poofy - 2 year old female

Kanpai - 7 year old female

Twice as Nice ~ Bonded Pairs

These dynamic duos are looking for homes together!

Sweetie and Kitty

MacKinsey and Maggie Too - father and daughter

Harley and Lacey

Vinny and WooWoo

Honorary Pyrs

Banjo - 3 year old Saint/Border Collie/Pyr mix. Banjo is absolutely striking and would love to strut his stuff next to you!

Sam - 10 year old male Briard. Sam has had a long and busy life, he has some obedience training and has served as a therapy dog. Unfortunately his owner lost his home and could not longer afford to care for Sam, so now this scruffy love is looking for a new place to curl up.

Lucy - 4 year old Border Collie mix

Louie - 2 year old Labrador Retriever mix

Dudley - 10 year old terrier mix

Bruce - 2 year old German Shepherd mix. As you can see, Bruce is sad and shy at first, but just a quick minute together and this boy turns that frown upside down!

Kyle - 1 year old Shepherd mix

And last but not least, my girl Cricket. A 1-2 year old Mastiff mix, Cricket shows signs of abuse, but give this girl a minute and she will make your heart melt just like the puddle of wrinkles on her forehead.

Interested in adding any of these sweethearts to your family? Head over to the GPASCR website for adoption information! All families who foster or adopt a dog from now until April 15th will be entered to win a free mini session and an 8x10 of your pets through my Lend a Hand Campaign!


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