Blue Skies: Otis the Boxer/Pittie at Mission Trails Park

When I was trying to decide on colors for my business brand, Kelly Smíšek, the Director of Frosted Faces Foundation, said I had to use sky blue because "All of your pictures of my dogs that have skies in them remind me that they are free!" I ended up choosing blue and green for the sky and grass!

While all of the Frosted Faces dogs have lengthy stories on their way to freedom, Otis seemed to be an even more exceptional case.

A few hurdles arose the day Frosted Faces attempted to free Otis from Baldwin Animal Shelter, and they were unable to pull him as expected because he was "evidence" in an ongoing investigation. Devastated, Kelly headed home alone. But you know the story doesn't stop there. An hour into her drive back to San Diego, she received a call that Otis's owners had surrendered him and he was officially a Frosted Face!

Then, upon his visit to the vet, it was discovered Otis had chronic cruciate disease, mast cell tumors, and lung cancer. He was given 3-6 months to live.

I decided on Mission Trails Park for Otis's Freedom Project session, and it did not disappoint.

Otis turned out to be highly treat motivated, which made my job photographing him super easy!

He was also super attached to Kelly, and loved to follow her around...which sometimes made it less easy, but certainly funny ;)

And ultimately, we got some great freedom photos of Otis.

Otis heads to Seattle to settle in to his forever home next weekend. Blue skies and safe travels, little buddy!

If you're interested in helping to save a senior dog like Otis, consider becoming a Family for Frosted Faces Foundation. All food and medical is paid for by the Foundation for the life of the dog. Can't add a dog to your family, but still want to help? Check out the Fan page and sponsor a Frosted Face!

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