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The 4th of July has always been one of my favorite holidays - the food, the flags, the festivities - what's not to love?! This year proved to be one for the record books, though. This year, I got to photograph San Diego dog celebrity Super Corgi JoJo - decked out in red, white, and blue - SURFING!

I met JoJo on Instagram (are you following @supercorgi_jojo and @hautedogpetphotography yet?!) and he was selected as one of my San Diego Top Dog Models to represent my brand for 2015! Let me tell you, I thought following all the funny dog photos of JoJo on Instagram was cute, but meeting this pup in person was a real treat! This will definitely be one of my all-time favorite pet photography sessions - we had SO much fun!

Super Corgi JoJo is quite the little model - he loves to smile, but moreso, it's obvious he loves to make people smile! In fact, he's a therapy dog, and San Diego is lucky to have him! Seriously...check out these pearly whites!

JoJo was named after his mom, Josephine, who was equally as fun and awesome to work with during our photo session! He picked up Super JoJo after coming back from being attacked, as a way of giving hope to others and reminding them to never give up. JoJo has hiked all over San Diego - Devil's Punch Bowl, Cowles Mountain, Potato Chip Mountain, and many others! When people say his little stumps won't get him there, he overcomes and makes it to the top!

Want to see a little behind-the-scenes of how we photographed Super DUPER Corgi JoJo's cape? Rockstar dog mom Josephine climbed up on the bluff and held it up...

Then on the count of three, she would let it flutter down as I rapid-fired shots from the camera. In post-production, I removed Josephine from the photo. Here's a before and after for you!

Pretty super, right?! But let's get to what you've been waiting for - the surfing Corgi!

That face after you catch the perfect San Diego waves...

That's a wrap for this super fun Super Corgi pet photography session. Stay tuned as I introduce the rest of my San Diego Top Dog models!


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