Emi & Misty | Temecula Huskies

San Diego definitely offers some gorgeous pet photography locations, but head about an hour north to Temecula and there's a whole nother world of scenery! I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to do a pet portrait session with Husky sisters Emily and Misty amidst the pastoral backdrop of lush grapevines and rolling hills. These two dogs were an absolute riot - their expressions, the bond between them, the exaggerated head tilts to the sounds of squeaky toys - so much fun! I can't help but start with this funny outtake of the girls goofing off during our session:

Emily was the Kent family's first dog. Their oldest son picked out her name because he said "it's the most beautiful name in the world." Mom soon came to find out Emily was a girl in his 1st grade class he had a small crush on! It's hard to disagree though - she is quite beautiful!

And a little goofy...

Emily was diagnosed with a bone deformity at one year old, but before that, the Kent family took her for regular walks and runs in their neighborhood. Each time they would pass by a specific neighborhood, they heard a dog whining in the backyard of a house. One day, Mom peeked over and noticed a Husky chained up with little room to play. Mom confronted the owner, and he gladly turned Misty over to the Kent family!

But the story gets even more amazing! When the Kent family went to complete Misty's AKC registration, it turned out she was from the same litter as Emily!

Separated at birth and reunited by an amazing family - these two pups are a Lifetime movie, complete with tissues and happy ending ::sniffle::

Their awesome mom tells me how much the family adores their girls, but she doesn't have to - it's clear they are loved and spoiled and they deserve every minute of it!

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