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Sunset, 2015 | San Diego Pet Photographer

You may have noticed it's been a little quieter around these parts for the past month. I've had my eye balls glued to the photo editing screen churning out the end-of-the-year session rush and wrapping up all sorts of gorgeous dog art for my amazing clients. I'm in the midst of taking a few weeks off to rejuvenate and work with my own pack, but I got a call from the Great Pyrenees Association of Southern California Rescue (GPASCR) wondering if I could spare some time for a special boy named King. They told me he was possibly a "red" Bernese Mountain Dog, so naturally I was intrigued. While we are all uncertain exactly what breed King is, it seems quite irrelevant once you know that he is a completely laid back, mellow, sweetheart of a pup. So without further ado, the king of hearts himself, photographed at the gorgeous La Jolla Shores beach in San Diego:

Want to know what King looked like when he was surrendered by his owners for losing hair as a result of his allergies to fleas?

Pretty unfortunate. But thanks to GPASCR, King has a new lease on life. His coat has grown back and he is healthy and ready for his forever home!

King is pictured below with my trusty sidekick Bernese Mountain Dog, Jake. For size reference, Jake weighs around 90 pounds. I see much of the same dog in their feet, face, eyes, and even their personality. Did I mention that Jake is pretty much the greatest dog to ever grace this planet? Surely there's some of that in King, too.

If you think 2016 should start by adding this stunning dog to your family, fill out an adoption application at or call Kristen at 858.847.2271 for more information.

Interested in discussing a couture pet photography session for your dog in the new year? Contact me HERE!

I'm looking forward to sharing all of my 2015 holiday sessions in the next few weeks! Stay tuned for some gorgeous dogs and some big news for Haute Dog!

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