NEW Year, NEW Gear

I am constantly working to take my photos to a new level, and 2015 proved to be an amazing year of mentorships. I had the incredible opportunity to learn from two of my biggest idols in the pet photography industry - Kaylee Greer of Dog Breath Photography and Barbara Breitsameter of Poppy Blue Photography. They helped me to really push my work and grow as a photographer, and for that I am forever grateful.

At the beginning of each year, I like to set goals for myself. I prefer goals to resolutions - something I can make a plan to achieve, not try to change. For 2015, that goal was to master a photography technique known as off-camera flash, or OCF in photographer lingo ;) OCF has the ability to take photos to a whole different league, and it's one that I'm super excited to be playing in now! In a nutshell, OCF creates directional light and allows the photographer (that's me!) to control the exposure of the background and the subject separately. I like to think it adds a little pop of magic to the photo. So I invested in a hefty amount of new gear and spent hours being a student of light.

Remember my sunset photo session on the La Jolla Shores beach last week? In order to capture the beauty of that golden sunset, deep blue sky, AND the sparkle in Jake's eyes, I had to expose for the background, then add a pop of magic light!

Here are a few of my OCF favorites from pet photography sessions out and about San Diego over the last two months...and a sneak peek into my 2016 goals!

It's hard to really talk about growth and learning without taking a quick second to reflect back on the starting point.

While I still love the image above of Jaden, taken the first week of January 2015, I'm delighted to see how much more I can offer my pet photography clients now and I'm so excited to take my work in this new direction! Onward to more growth in 2016, and this year my goals include another acronym - CPP. I will be earning my Certified Professional Photographer credentials! This calls for a written exam and image submissions, to prove you are a master at the craft, and I can't wait to continue my education!

Speaking of education, my second goal is to meet and photograph as many rare and unique breeds as I can, under my High Fashion Hounds project! I love learning about dogs, and what better way to explore than through my lens?! In fact, I'm offering free photography sessions for qualifying applicants. You can read more about High Fashion Hounds HERE!

Last but not least, this year I'm also participating in a Project 52, challenging myself to photograph and write about one new theme every week. This week's theme? You guessed it - NEW! Stay tuned for more updates, and pop on over to Blue Amrich Studios to see what's new in the world of pet and equine photography!

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