Texas is Calling, And I Must Go

“I have said that Texas is a state of mind, but I think it is more than that."

~John Steinbeck

There comes a time in one's life when every dream you have worked so hard for comes to fruition. This year was that time for me. I watched my puppy pack grow, my photos evolve, my business take off, and now the final piece of the puzzle has fallen into place. In a few short months, Haute Dog Pet Photography will be relocating to Dallas! It has been a move long in the making, and we are thrilled with how much space the Pope Pack will have and the new adventures that await.

The first thing we did upon buying our new house was to promptly place the cornerstone of our new home above the mantle - our family photo. It's a 30x40" framed canvas float, and it will hang in the center of the living room. This photo means the world to us. It captures our pack beautifully, and we will build everything around it.

Dallas dog photographer | Dallas custom dog art

They say that in 10 years, the most photographed generation will have no pictures. In the day and age where we can snap a hundred photos of every waking moment, few will last beyond a year. It is estimated that 1 out of every 100,000 pictures actually ends up being printed. I always encourage clients to think big - to print those memories and smile every time you walk by them. I can't wait to walk by this memory every day and smile. Memories are not made for folders.

I am so excited to photograph my remaining five clients next month, but am no longer booking new sessions in San Diego. Never fear, I leave you in great hands of the artist who captured my very own family photos! I cannot recommend my fans enough to the amazing Westway Studio, and as an added bonus, Terran has offered all Haute Dog referrals a $100 print credit through 2016! Simply mention that's how you found her at booking, and I promise you won't be disappointed! Go follow her Facebook page and give it a "like" to keep up with all the beautiful San Diego pet photography, and be sure to stick around here to follow all of Haute Dog's adventures photographing more amazing pets in Dallas! You can also keep up with the Pope Pack's adventures and more behind the scenes on Instagram!

I leave you with a heartfelt thanks for being the most spectacular fans a girl could ask for, and a small handful of our beautiful photos by Westway Studio.

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