The 12 Dogs of Christmas

Merry Christmas and a happy holidays! We randomly selected 2018's 12 Dogs of Christmas. Their loving owners nominated them with personal photos and shared just a little bit of what makes them so special in their own words!


Nico is a rescue and is the best foster brother helping other dogs on the way to their forever homes! He loves going on walks, making new friends, and most of all, cuddling!


Theodore loves connecting with friends around the world on his Instagram, @theodorepatton. Theo is an avid fan of the Olympics and enjoys cheering on athletes as they go for the gold - there's a reason he's known as Team USA's favorite furry fan. ;) Theo was abused in a puppy mill before we brought him home in 2015. He's traveled to NYC, Mt. Rushmore and more - we love making memories with him!


Willie is the sweetest and silliest dog we have ever owned! He’s selectively loyal depending on what’s in it for him and only likes to cuddle on his own terms. He loves to protect but is a scaredy cat at heart! 😂 He truly is a special dog in a goofy way!


He's my crazy boxer boy.


She is my heart dog. All she wants is love and to give love...with some belly rubs and food mixed in. She passed away back in September, she was 12 years old. It’s been hard not having her by my side each and every day. Scout came to work with me most Fridays, and was loved and adored by everyone in the office. She would go to each person to say hello and get rubbed. Once they were done with her...she would just go to the next office or desk. She would lean against your leg as a hug. Truly the greatest dog ever...ask anyone who met her. Not sure I can ever replace her.


Whenever we go to the dog park, Javier runs from person to person, looking for loves. He could not care less about the other dogs there! He just wants to love on everyone :)


We rescued him from running around Walmart parking lot when he was 6 weeks old. He's such a smart boy. He understands most everything we say to him.


She saved me from depression and through an unhealthy relationship...... she saved me. A few years ago she had back surgery and I spent almost $4000. People are so critical about the amount I spend on her, but I will do it again without regret because what she did in my life is priceless.


Sadie is my soul mate in a dog. She comforts me when I have an anxiety attack and all I can do is rock back and forth. She has been with me since she was 6 weeks old. On the car ride home after getting her she crawled up around my neck and fell asleep curled up in my hair. We are inseparable. When we moved to Germany for my husband’s job in the military we flew her out there with us. We couldn't live we without her. It was well worth the money. She is my everything.


Ryder is a curious guy that loves his human sister and all his people and wants to be by them day and night. He is very ornery and talkative and groans and talks back quite often but then will jump right into bed to cuddle and love with his people. He knows when someone is upset and will lick their tears. Sweetest guy ever. Definitely a love dog.


14 years old. Our first baby.


Wally is a therapy dog. He works with autistic children on a weekly basis. He loves his job and loves his friends.