As the Pope Pack Grows | Dallas Dog Pack

If you find something you love, get one in every color! That seems to be my motto with heels and hounds, and I'm happy to embrace it. This year I managed not to add any new dogs to our pack (although there are still a few months left...). Every year I update the metal print of my "kids" in my office and this year may be my favorite so far. Check out this fun progression of our dog pack over the past two years...we think it's pretty much #squadgoalsachieved.

August 2016

October 2017

September 2018

From left to right: Jake the Bernese Mountain Dog (8), Kimber the English Mastiff (6), Hannah the St. Bernard (5.5), Ellie the Great Dane (4), Hudson the Great Dane (3.5), and Fletcher the Irish Wolfhound (1).