SHE SAID YES! | Dallas Dogs Who Helped Pop the Question

“There are certain questions that change the world… 'Will you marry me?'...I think that tops the list” – The Light We Lost

It's National Proposal Day and what better time to pop open some champagne and reminisce over photos of some of our favorite moments with people popping that magical question?!

Buddha, Maggie, and Sandwiches: A San Diego Dog Proposal

Last weekend I flew to San Diego to surprise my best friend from college as part of her proposal. I could barely contain my excitement as I hid in the bushes at Balboa Park and watched her stroll by with her boyfriend and three dogs. Hiding on the bridge behind them were their family and friends all waiting to chime in with a resounding YES when Drew asked for their blessing and support. I would try to describe the sheer joy of the day, but I think these photos do it best.