Dallas Doodle Puppies for Adoption

If you've been following our Facebook or Instagram you were first to know about these cotton-covered cuties. Doodle Rock Rescue has SIX of the cutest Goldendoodle puppies available for adoption within 350 miles of Dallas...and we get the honors of introducing them to you! Meet the March Madness litter: Charm, Clover, Dublin, Goldie, Patrick, and Shamrock. 

Their estimated birthday is January 2, 2019, which makes them 8 weeks old. They have had their first trip to the vet and were given a clean bill of health, along with their first vaccines, negative fecal, and a dose of Advantage Multi for heartworm and flea prevention. Each of the puppies weigh between 7.5 and 8.5 pounds and are growing quickly! Doodle Rock estimates they will be between 60 and 70 pounds as adults. They use a doggie door, sleep in a kennel, and have had plenty of exposure to people of all ages and sizes. Read the bios below to see which adoptable doodle is the best fit for your family, then fill out an application, linked below!

CHARM - female

One of the smallest and boldest! This one keeps her brothers on their toes and will usually end up on the top of the dog pile. She loves to explore and play, and is also an excellent snuggler!

CLOVER - male

More of a golden color than his siblings and just beautiful. Clover is equal parts playful and cuddly. He is also the most vocal of the group and loves to talk to his human.

DUBLIN - male

This guy is quiet and sweet. He is happy to play and join in the fun, but usually needs to sit back and watch for a moment first. He loves to be with people and would be happy to snuggle up for a good nap after a play session.

GOLDIE - female

This girl has curls for days! She loves her people and loves to play, in that order!

PATRICK - male

The largest of the pups and the most reserved. He is very affectionate and playful but gets a little quiet in new situations. He will need someone to introduce him to the world, so he realizes there is nothing to worry about.


Rock loves his person! It is always easy to find him because he is somewhere near your feet. He would do anything to get a belly rub!

{Applications are now closed but check out Doodle Rock Rescue for other adoptable Dallas doodles!}

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