Archibald the Sphynx

May 7, 2015

I recently put out a model call for unique breeds of dogs and cats, so when Stephanie emailed me with the prospect of photographing Archibald, her Sphynx cat, I jumped at the chance!  Archie was such a gentleman.  This posh San Diego kitty is living the spoiled life, and it's clear his mom is just smitten with him.



 Archibald had quite a lot of sass for his little cat self, and wasn't afraid to strut his stuff for a little photo modeling.



 I tend to capture at least one photo of every dog I photograph with their tongue luck would have it, Archibald didn't want to be left out of that game!

 I decided to wrap up his photo session with something a little more artistic...what do you think???

 Thanks so much for the opportunity to photograph your unique and adorable fur-baby, Stephanie!