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National Specially-Abled Pets Day | Celebrating Exceptional Dogs

There is something so extraordinarily special about the bond between humans and their dogs. We run, we play, we spend hours and hours snuggling. Each and every dog has different strengths and abilities, some more differently-abled than others. Some have the special ability to actually catch their tail or sniff out every crumb in the kitchen, others can sprint across the yard with only three paws and see how much you need puppy kisses even without sight.

In my experience as an owner and photographer of many incredible dogs, I have grown to know and love many with special abilities. So on National Specially-Abled Pets Day I want to celebrate some of their stories.


Sandwiches is an adorable Frenchie that was bit on the face by another dog while living with his first family. They tried their best to save his eye, but unfortunately exhausted all of their financial and emotional resources before they could heal him. With his best interest at heart, they asked if someone in the hospital would be able to take him and give him a home.

Dr. Olsen - who had performed his neuter, nares resection, and facial fold surgery that night - took him home, and stuck him in bed with her sleeping fiancé. Surprise! A perfect addition to their new family. Despite Dr. Olsen’s incredibly hard work, Sandwiches developed glaucoma from the trauma and lost his eye. But he is one incredible fighter! As soon as his eye came out and he woke up from anesthesia, he was a whole new dog! Now happy and healthy living life with his mom, dad, and two Lab siblings. You can follow his adventures on Instagram @lepetitsandwich


This sweet girl is Pepper! For 8 years of her life she was confined to a tiny crate and abused for repeated breeding. The experience left her body and spirit nearly broken. Thanks to Doodle Rock Rescue, Pepper got hip surgery, intensive physical therapy, pain management medicine, and help for her eye infections so she could once again see! Her foster mom took amazing care of her and Pepper has since been adopted into a beautiful family. We could not be happier for all of them! Doodle Rock is based in Dallas and adopts dogs to homes in the DFW Metroplex and Austin.


Meet the undeniable Daisy May. She was found as a stray in Houston with a mangled leg from being hit by a car, recently pregnant with no puppies to be found, emaciated, and heartworm positive. Daisy May was adopted from Dallas rescue Bull-Luv-Able Paws & Chi Wawas into a family who couldn't wait to watch her grow old with their young son. In a tragic turn of events, Daisy May was diagnosed with an aggressive lymphoma and passed away soon after. We were blessed to photograph her to allow baby T to grow up knowing her infectious love and personality, even if not in physical form.


Lastly, our own baby, Hudson, a deaf double merle Great Dane. Hudson was turned over to a San Diego rescue along with his deaf and vision-impaired sister by a backyard breeder who couldn’t sell or care for them. He joined the Pope Pack at 8 months old and we fell in love immediately. Hudson wasted no time securing his spot not only on the couch, but also in our hearts. Like so many deaf dogs we took the time to teach him a special kind of sign language for obedience commands. No matter what, Hudson is always happiest when he’s touching one of his people.

We truly love celebrating the unique stories of each dog we meet. For more, follow us at @hautedogpetphotography and check out some more of the hippest differently-abled dogs here:


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