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Fletcher Turns ONE! A Year in the Life of Our Gentle Giant

There are really few things better in life than the excitement that comes with a new puppy in the house. There is so much fun in picking out a name and toys, so much pride in training and all the new tricks they will learn, and so much love in seeing your family embrace and play with the new addition. (Not to mention ALL THE CUTENESS!)

Today we are celebrating the first birthday of our sweet baby Fletcher. This year welcoming him to our family has brought so many laughs to the Pope Pack. Fletcher has been with us for the celebration of 4 years of Haute Dog Pet Photography, adventures to dog-friendly scenes around Dallas, and of course the biggest of all, our move to Fursailles. A year ago we wouldn’t have been able to imagine our couch having more snuggle space our or our clothes being able to handle any more dog hair but now we couldn’t imagine our home without this big guy. We're pulling back the curtain on our home life and sharing a few candid photos as we celebrate a year in the life of our gentle giant, Fletcher the Irish Wolfhound.

When we picked him up at 10 weeks, he weighed around 30 pounds. Fletcher currently weighs around 165 pounds and is still growing...#willworkfordogfood. Happy birthday, Fletcher, here's to many more!